• What We Do

    RideTrails.Org provides your OHV club/association with a no-cost, revenue-generating website by:

    • Recruiting National Sponsors for Your Site
    • Providing Featured Locations for Local Sponsorship Advertisements
    • Enabling Members to Make Electronic Payments
    • Eliminating Hosting Costs

  • OHV-Centered, Customized Websites

    RideTrails worked with the NOHVCC to design easy-to-manage, customizable website templates that clubs and associations can use to promote their club and recruit membership.

  • Let's GO!

    Ready to get started? The process is easy:

    • You pick a template for your organization.
    • We customize the website based on your organization's branding and preferences.
    • You begin using your new website for communications and revenue generation!

Improve Your Club's Effectiveness, Visibility, Communications, and Fundraising with RideTrails.Org

How Our Websites Work

RideTrails.Org provides professional hosting and technical support for your website at no cost to you; paid for by our national sponsor programs.


We sell national ads to industry-relevant companies. These ads appear on all RideTrails.Org sites. Advertisements cover the costs of website hosting, maintenance, updates, and user support. 

Website Features and Examples

Using RideTrails.org to host your site provides professional web services and eliminates the cost of web hosting and support. Additionally, RideTrails reduces website downtime, improves security, and creates a professional web presence for your organization’s communications and member recruitment.

Revenue Generation

RideTrails.org splits net sponsor advertising revenues with participating organizations based on your annual website traffic. More traffic — more potential revenue. Additionally, organizations can sell and manage local ads, generating additional revenue.

Customizable Website Designs


Our bare template is the most flexible way to start your page. Using simple, black-and-white with red accent, you can customize the page as you see fit or leave it as a basic, no-nonsense page.

Hells Canyon

Our high-contrast design has elements to help make your content more engaging to visitors. Colors of page accents can be updated to match your club’s logo or branding.


Our modified design shows an example of the customization and flexibility that you can create on your home page. Elements not seen in other designs are added, features are moved, a background photo is shown, the hero image at the top of the page is absent, etc.

No More Club Hosting and Website Fees, Professional Web Support, Modern Design and Capabilities, and a Website that Generates Revenue for Your Club!