Feature Events on Your Home Page!

Feature Events on Your Home Page!

The Iowa OHV Association approached RideTrails about how to feature their upcoming “Thank You for Your Service Ride” on the Home Page.

To assist them, we created a “Banner Ad” for the event that links to the event and event registration on their site. This Banner utilizes the “Slider” Capability that every RideTrails.Org site has and can be used even if you have a rotating slider enabled.

To create and add a banner such as this:

  1. Create the banner image on your computer. We recommend that the banner be sized approximately 1300px by 200px.
  2. Upload the banner via Dashboard > Media > Add New
  3. Create a new slider via Dashboard > Sliders> Add New Slider
  4. Create the slider using just one image (so it will not actually ‘slide’). Be sure to give it a title, add a “Slide Link” to link the image to your event,  and save it!
  5. Go to your website home page (while logged in) and select “Customize” from the top menu.
  6. Click “Frontpage – Slider B”
  7. Select your slider from the drop down menu and click “Save & Publish”
  8. Click the < arrow at the top of the menu to go back to the Customize Menu
  9. Click “Frontpage – Modules”
  10. Click the “Eye” icon on the right-hand side of “Slider B”
  11. Drag “Slider B” to the top of the list of Widget Areas (this will put it at the top of the screen)
  12. Click “Save & Publish”
  13. Close the menu
That’s it! Now you should have a banner on your home page that links to your event! When your event is over, you can just delete the slider and it will go away.

Need help with this? Contact us and we will be happy to help you out!

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