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How do I add a Flickr album to a page?

To add a photo album you have already created in Flickr to one of your WordPress Pages:

Edit Page

  • Put your cursor where you want the album to appear, then click "Add Media"

Add Media

  • On the left-hand side, click "Photonic"
  • This will open the screen below, select "Flickr" from the gallery options at the top

Flickr Location

  • Add your Flickr User ID
  • Change Display to Photosets
  • Add the Flickr Photoset ID for the album you wish to insert into the page
  • Note: Your Flickr User ID And Photoset ID are part of the URL when you are viewing the photo album on Flickr. See image below

User and Photoset ID

  • Scroll Down and select other options, if needed. (Note: Layout is the most-changed option)
  • At the very bottom of the page, click "Insert into post". This will paste the needed shortcode in your page.
  • On the Right-hand side, click "Update" to save your page.
  • View the page on your website to verify that the album looks the way you want it. If not, repeat this process and adjust the options you want to change.