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User profile error

Hi all...we are not able to edit the email address of a user Hubert Letourneau...the systems keeps saying that his email address is already in use but we do not seem to be able to locate the profile.  The email address is:

Can you please look into this and let us know what we need to do?


So, there's a lot going on here.

First, somehow the setting that requires a member's user name to be their email was disabled. We need to require users to use their email address as their user name. Allowing random names has some down-stream issues, we have found. So, we changed this setting on all sites a while back. I don't know if we overlooked this or you made a change to the settings, but I changed the setting back.


Second, we do have an account registered for the email address you gave us. The account is not currently  associated with any site.


Third, it looks like this Hubert person registered an account with your site with the email address


What I would suggest we do is:

  1. Delete both users (hubert, and the one associated with the hugh6062). (We have to do this from the admin console).
  2. Delete any transactions associated with this account.
  3. Have this user re-register, using their email address as their user name.

Let me know if you have any questions or if this sounds good.