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Where to edit text located on our Home Page.

My name is Rene Borromeo, our website is

There is a sentence on the lower left side of our home page where I would like to find and edit in "Formidable".

It says the following: 

"Arizona ATV Riders

The AZ ATV Riders is a OHV riding and social club in the Phoenix area. We welcome members from all types of OHVs ATV, UTV, Dirt Bikes, and 4x4s."

My email address is:

Phn: 602-535-7897


Thanks for submitting a support ticket. Nearly everything on your home page pulls information from another source.

This area that you are speaking about is not populated by Formidable (that is for creating forms). This section of the home page is populated by Facebook. If you want to edit the text that appears here you will need to login to your Facebook page and update the content in the "About" Section.



Thanks for this info James. I'll contact the owners of these FB accounts, we have two I believe.


We have no access to this Facebook webpage to edit the sentence, as it wasn't created by us.

We would like to change the 2ND sentence from:

"We welcome members from all types of OHVs, ATV, UTV, Dirt Bikes, and 4x4s."

And replace this 2ND sentence with this one below:

"We welcome riders of ATVs, SxS or UTVs."



We do not have access to edit anything about

You need to either find who is the administrator for this page and have them edit it.

If you don't know who runs the page (I assume it would be one of your current or former members), you'll need to contact facebook about it. I think this is the correct form to ask for access to the page on:

Sorry I can't be more help!

Ok, no problemo James.  I'll check around and find out.

Many thanks!