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Members with "Author" Roles are unable to publish Events (Rides)

I have been notified that our members with "Author" roles are unable to publish an Event/Ride inside our Dashboard. They see the "Submit" button and have to wait for an Admin to approve their Event.  Can this be corrected ASAP? If so, where can I go to change or add their ability to publish Events (Rides) inside our Dashboard.

Thank you so much.



This feature in our latest Events Managements System is creating a lot of pushback from our club members who want post and lead rides for our club. We need to have this replaced to "Publish", as it was prior to this new EMS, without the requirement of an Admin review.

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Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. You have two options here:

I have updated the capabilities that a user with the author has so that they can now publish events. If you want to manage these yourself, you can go to:

and click on User Capabilities.




Thanks James.  😊