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Where to find this page . . .

Hi James,

I'd like to add color to the text circled in the photo attached. This page usually shows up after we register for events listed in our Events Calendar. Where can I find this page in our website?



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  • Bookings-Manage-my-Event-reg.jpg


This is just a hyperlink. Right now the color of your hyperlinks is set to white and your text color is set to white. This is a global setting that is managed through the "Customize" tool.

When logged in and viewing your site, do the following:

1) Click "Customize" in the top menu

2) Select "Typography"

3) Change the setting for "Link Color" to something besides white. I believe link color should be about seven items down on the "Typography" Menu

Let me know if that does it for you.



Ok. Thanks for the assist again James!