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Facebook Feed Page


We wish to change/replace a section of our "News" webpage where it feeds from a Facebook page that is now inactive.

Where would I edit this so it points to the correct Facebook Page that our current President is the admin?

Active Facebook Page is:

Uploaded files:
  • AZATVRiders-Facebook-Feed.png


Unfortunately, this is a little more complicated than just switching this out.

First, you new have a "group" which is different than a "page". This is just how Facebook operates. Moving to a group, you are going to lose some features, such as the "like box" at the top of your Facebook feed on your website -- this is just a function of how "Groups" work.

Second, your new group is not public. In order to integrate the group into your website everything in the group has to be public -- no approvals to join, all posts public, public in all countries, etc.

So, the main step is going to be to make everything public. Then we can change out the feed.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Ok. Now I understand why this particular Facebook page that feeds into our website was setup with no ability to join. I was able to get in touch with the admin of this FB page too.

Many thanks again for your assist. Pls close this ticket. 👍