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Forum - "You are unuthorized to view this page"

I have members registered but still can not view any part of our forum page despite showing an account.

They are getting this message: "You are unauthorized to view this page".

Is there another step I'm missing?

Thanks, Terry

Sullivan County ATV


If you go into Memberpress --> Members, you can see the status of all of the people who have accounts through your site. In this list, look at the "Status" column. All members should be "Active" or "Expired". If it says "None", look at the "Transactions" column for the person.

I see a few people's transactions are "Pending" and not complete. Go to memberpress --> Transactions, and filter the list to show the pending transactions. Some of these are "Pay by check", which you have to complete by updating the status of the transaction to "complete" -- you will always have to do this for check payments.

The Stripe payments are probably not completing, because there is not a webhook set up in your Stripe account (something we can't do for you). To do this, go to this link and view the video, beginning at 3:40. That should instruct you on adding the webhook in stripe. The webhook allows stripe to communicate BACK to your website, telling the site "Hey! This payment was completed!" then it should automatically mark future payments as complete without your intervention.

Let me know if this gets you on track.