Website Features and Examples

Using to host your site provides professional web services and eliminates the cost of web hosting and support. Additionally, RideTrails reduces website downtime, improves security, and creates a professional web presence for your organization’s communications and member recruitment.

All websites have the following features:

Designed in consultation with OHV clubs and associations to streamline communications and recruit potential members:
Full, easy-to-manage customization to meet your organization's needs:
Site design features images to better-engage visitors:
Simple, user-friendly content management (no technical skills required):
Feature events, news stories or calls-to-action in the integrated home page slider:
Events with offline calendar integration:
Uses "widgets" to eliminate the need to duplicate content on sub pages and the home page:
Integration with your existing online photo galleries and social media (e.g. Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, etc.):
Generate revenue for your club through our national sponsorship program and through locally managed sponsorship:
Accept online registration and payments for current and new members:

Our team will start you off by customizing one of our three, out-of-the-box designs. Customization of anything is possible: colors, fonts, layouts, content, social media integration, etc. All designs have space reserved for both national and your local sponsors advertisements.
Our base designs are:


Our bare template is the most flexible way to start your page. Using simple, black-and-white with red accent, you can customize the page as you see fit or leave it as a basic, no-nonsense page.

Hells Canyon

Our high-contrast template has elements to help make your content more engaging to visitors. Colors of page accents can be updated to match your club’s logo or needs.


Our modified template shows an example of the customization that you can create on your home page. Elements not seen in other templates are added, features are moved, a photo is used in the background, the hero image at the top of the page is absent, etc.

State Associations

We have developed a template to support the operations of larger clubs and state associations. This template has expanded features and content such as member management, state information, and safety information.

Participating Clubs and Associations with Live Websites

Tallahassee Trail Riders

Iowa Off-Highway Vehicle Association

Ghost Riders OHV Club

Woodtick Wheelers

Arizona ATV Riders

Arizona Desert Riders, LLC

Lawrence County Recreational Park


Sullivan County ATV Club


Old Colony Trailblazers